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Don't miss an episode of

The Spa Show!

Our sales and marketing team will be running Tha Spa Show from our YouTube live stream in our spa showroom. We encourage all customers who are interested in purchasing a new hot tub or who already own a hot tub from any company to attend our show and learn more.
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Check below for our next live event!


The Spa Show Live Q & A FAQ

What Is A Live Stream?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. 


Who Is Running the Live Stream?

Our sales and marketing team will be running the YouTube live stream from our Spa Showroom.


Who Can Attend?

We encourage all customers who are interested in purchasing a new hot tub from any company to join our live stream and learn more.


Where Do I Go to Watch? at the designated times shown on the event calendar

How Does This Help Me?

The purpose of this Live Q & A is for us to be readily available to all customers to answer questions and offer immediate support. The goal is to assist in the buying process and give customers all the information they need to make decisions on a spa purchase.


How Does It Work?

We will host 1-hour live stream. Viewers are able to join the live stream through our YouTube channel and can participate in the chat with a Gmail account


How Do I Ask Questions?
There is a live chat button at the bottom/side of the video to click and type in your questions. Our sales and marketing team will see your question in real-time and respond over the video with live demonstrations and explanations. You must have a youtube account to ask questions. You can sign up/sign in easily through a Gmail account.


What Happens if I Cannot Attend These Live Streams?

Once the Live Stream is complete we will post a recording of the live stream on our Youtube channel to view at any time.

We will be offering additional live streams in the coming weeks. Check out our social media pages for details soon.

What Additional Items Can I Receive

We are offering both a raffle prize for one attendee to win a prize if you submit your questions ahead of time.

You will also receive a coupon code for a free spa ball with your next purchase if you register with the form above.

Contacts us: 877-909-7727


Canadian Spa Company 

1283 Cornwall Road, Oakville, ON

L6J 7T5

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