R O L L I N G  C O V E R S

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Save time and jump into your spa with ease with our CSC Rolling Covers

Easy to roll off! One person can roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 SECONDS


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  1. Double Stitched Cover Straps:​​

    • ​With locking cover clips for safety​

  2. Double Stitched and Reinforced Handles:

    • Connected to the fiberglass support, prevents ripping or damage to the spa cover

    • Easily adjust and position the cover without causing damage  to the straps or stitching

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  1. Net Structure PVC:​​

    • ​Strong

    • Waterproof

    • Prevents water retention and helps extend the life of your cover

  2. XPE Foam:

    • Heat insulation

    • Waterproof

    • Good Elasticity

    • BPA, phthalate,latex and formaldehyde free

    • Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic

    • Offers a high density for heat retention and is chemical corrosion resilient 

  3. Dome Shaped Design:

    • Allows snow and rain to run off the cover and prevent pooling on top

  1. Seams: Double Stiched for Longevity

  2. Top Cover Material: Polyester UV Oxford Fabric

    • Tough polyester material for all season use including harsh winter conditions 

  3. Cover Underside:

    • ​“XPE” Foam With a Netted PVC Structure to Prevent Water Retention​

  1. Xpe Foam

    • Designed to retain heat, while being easy to open

  2. Rolling Cover:

    • Able to roll up in either direction

  3. Fiberglass Support Tubes: 

    • ​Fiberglass square tube that is lightweight but durable,  for the perfect balance between mobility and strength

    • Will not rust even after years of use


A CLOSER LOOK at the Rolling Cover

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Let us know about your experience with the Rolling Cover!

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200 Sq Ft Swim Spa Filter Set


These filters are infused with antimicrobial materials to inhibit the growth of bacteria upon the cartridge and extend the filter lifespan



  1. Send a REVIEW/TESTIMONIAL with your experience of the rolling cover. Here are some questions to get started:

    • Do you use your Spa more often with the Rolling Cover?  

    • How has your overall experience with the Rolling Cover been so far? 

    • Has it saved you time? 

    • How are you finding the opening and closing of the Rolling cover?


  2. Submit 3 PHOTOS of your Rolling Cover in use. 

    • Photo with your cover completely covering the spa

    • Photo with your cover rolled off to the side

    • Photo with your whole spa setup with the Rolling Cover in use

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