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Electrical Requirements: 120V / 15A 
Weight: 350lbs Dry, 1550lbs Filled
Included: Cover and Filters
Water Capacity: 550L

Size: 63 x 63 x 29in

Number of Seats: 4

Number of Jets: 12

Pump(s): 1 x 2 Speed, 5 HP

Heater(s): 1 kW kW


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Click here for the latest info from CDC regarding the use of your hot tub

Spa Filtration Video

Canadian Spa Glacier filtration system explained!

Learn how our Glacier Filters help filter out large debris and bacteria from your spa system. With our Pre Screen Filter, and Silver Stream Technology, your water will be crystal clear! Our Silver Ion infused Filters also have antimicrobial blue pleats, which sterilize and defeat any bacteria.

Ozone Generation -

Using Electrical Ionization Method

Learn how Ozone Generation helps defeat bacteria in your Spa. Using Electrical Ionization, our Ozone Generator oxidizes your spa. The Mazzei Injector and Mixing Chamber help to divide up the amount of Ozone present in your spa to make sure your water is crystal clear! All part of Canadian Spa Company's Glacier Filtration System. Available in all of our spas.

Ozone Generation Video

Included Luxury Spa Features

Contacts us: 877-909-7727


Canadian Spa Company 

1283 Cornwall Road, Oakville, ON

L6J 7T5

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