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Worldwide Hot Tub Supplier & Hot Tub Manufacturer, Providing Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Outdoor Furniture and Saunas to Major Retailers near you. Contact us through the Canadian Spa Company office in your country for
pre-sales questions and after-sales support and help, including warranty, servicing and product information. The Canadian Spa Company is a global brand, we manufacture our Hot Tubs and other products in North America, Asia and Europe and distribute around the world.

One of the larger companies in the world market place; the Canadian Spa Company has been recognized as an industry leader since our first spa was sold around thirty years ago. Three decades on, the Canadian Spa Company is still supplying an ever expanding range of quality products, with the very best backup and
after-sales service available.



We look forward to helping with any questions and working with you to find the perfect products for your backyard paradise!

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We have four collections of spas: Portable, Plug & Play, 240V Luxury Spas and powerful Swim Spas available

Contact us and we can help you find the spa that best suites your needs! 

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Spa Collection

Included Luxury Spa Features

Spa Filtration Video

Canadian Spa Glacier filtration system explained!

Learn how our Glacier Filters help filter out large debris and bacteria from your spa system. With our Pre Screen Filter, and Silver Stream Technology, your water will be crystal clear! Our Silver Ion infused Filters also have antimicrobial blue pleats, which sterilize and defeat any bacteria.

Image by David Becker

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