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Do you know what's in your hot tub plumbing?
Image by Solen Feyissa


There can be many different types of bacteria that could be lurking and hiding within the slime bio-fouling in the piping and jets of spas.


The most common types are P. Aeruginosa which are responsible for the majority of “hot tub rash” outbreaks.  However, other bacteria and microorganisms can also be hiding inside the biofilm and are protected from the effects of sanitizers. These bacteria can remain vigorous even in well sanitized hot tubs because they are protected by the biofilm. Chlorine and bromine try diligently to break through the outer biofilm layers but dissipate during this fruitless effort. This is why you need to “PURGE” periodically with products such as Spa Flush. 

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Spa Flush Hot Tub Plumbing and Jet Cleanse is an environmentally friendly 
gel formula that removes the build-up of bio-fouling inorganics, oils, lotions, cosmetics, exfoliated skin and other contaminants – from the plumbing, jets, and shell of your spa. 

The gel quickly breaks through the lipid (outside) layer of the biofilm or fatty deposits in closed loop systems and opens it up to let water pressure push it out of the plumbing. This occurs within minutes. Consecutive purges may be necessary since biofilms try extra hard to stay colonized.

Use as directed. Spa Flush is an extremely powerful surfactant. One 2-ounce container of our spa cleanse provides the same cleaning equivalency of over 12 (16 oz jars) of typical liquid plumbing cleaners.

Spa Flush Treatment

Less sanitizer saves you money and time and is less caustic to your hot tub shell, cover
and all the plastic and molded components. The water will have a silky feel without all the
odours and sanitizer aromas. Your skin will appreciate the fact that less sanitizer is needed as well.

Enjoy clearer water! The water will look and smell fresh

Water will feel soft and silky

You can reduce sanitizer use

Heater element(s) will stay cleaner with minimum calcium build-up

Operate pump(s) less per day, week, or month

Spend less time on maintenance and more on enjoyment!


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Spa Flush Demonstrated

NOTE: Typically, hot tub plumbing and jets should be purged with Spa Flush every 4-6 monthsYou can tell that the tub needs a purge when:

  • The water clarity starts to look turbid even after you have added the appropriate amount of chemicals.

  • The water will feel different too. The water can actually smell bad.

  • Foaming will become an issue after you turn the jets on. The important thing about foam is that it remains on the water surface for a length of time after the jets and pump(s) are turned off. However, the one factor that will be the biggest tipoff is the fact that your hot tub or swim spa is always in need of more sanitizer. What used to work is now dissipating rapidly. This is known as the decay rate. High decay rates usually mean that you need a purge and dump.


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Instructions For Use

1. Keep hot tub filled
2. Remove filter(s), headrests and/or attached pillows
3. Add contents to hot tub. Use 15ml for up to 1500L / 400 US gal.
4. Run jets on high and open air intake(s) to create maximum       turbulence. Run for 15 - 30 minutes


5. Wipe any visual gunk or bio-build-up with a wet towel so
it doesn't stick to the acrylic shell
6. Turn hot tub off and drain, rinse and wipe entire hot tub shell.

Chemical Discoloration can occur if the released gunk sticks to headrests for any
length of time. If you leave the filters in place, they will get totally clogged up with
gunk and the water flow coming out the jets will be drastically reduced, not giving
you an effective purge.

Foaming will occur and is normal. The product is a surfactant and water softener
that breaks the surface tension of the water molecules creating foam.

This gunk has polysaccharides or sugar molecules in it and if left to dry
on the shell it can be time consuming to clean it off. Please wipe it as you see it.
Magic Eraser and a diluted spray bottle of Spa Flush and water can really help
you to do this. 1/3-1/2 tsp in 32 ounces of water is a good dilution. NEVER use
anything that can scratch the acrylic or shell in trying to remove the waterline
gunk. Never use an SOS Pad, Comet, AJAX, Bartender’s Helper or any other
abrasive cleaner for this job. Typically, you refill the tub over the “gunk line”,
chlorinate or brominate as usual, wait a day or so and wipe periodically.
It will come off. 

It is okay to drain the water on grass or vegetation. Keep any pets away until dry.

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  • Be careful not to get the product in concentrated or diluted form in your eyes or on your skin. If you get this in your eyes you must rinse with water for 10-15 minutes


  • Always wear eye protection goggles when using or handling this product to avoid contact with the eyes

  • This product can be a strong skin irritant to some people. We recommend that you use rubber or protective gloves when handling or measuring

  • We do not recommend anyone with a compromised immune system to stand over a tub while the purge is in progress. Inhalation of cleaning fumes can be an irritant 

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